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Cellular PVC windows …

the no-rot alternative to wood windows.


PVC Composite Windows from Maintenance Free.

Maintenance Free Window Company is proud to offer ENVIROGUARD rot-proof cellular PVC windows. ENVIROGUARD windows have all of the natural characteristics of wood, including great appearance and they won’t rot, peel, splinter, decay, nor absorb moisture. They have real wood interiors that can be painted or stained to create that custom look you desire on the interior and the exterior of your home.

Cellular PVC Windows

Cellular PVC windows are made from a different type of manufacturing process featuring a solid foam or cell-structure inside. It can be nailed, sawn and fabricated like wood. The window components (brickmould, sill, jamb, and sash rails) used to manufacture these windows look exactly like wood windows.

Impervious to rot and insects, the ENVIROGUARD™ BT30 block and tackle double-hung window series is not only pleasing to the eye but also durable. Constructed with the highest quality cellular PVC, these windows have all the natural characteristics of wood, including great appearance–without the shortcomings of wood. They won’t rot, peel, splinter, decay, absorb moisture–and they have enhanced screw-holding power.

Features & Benefits

  • ENVIROGUARD™ rot proof cellular PVC construction. Will not rot, peel, splinter, decay, warp, absorb moisture or be victim to wood boring insects.
  • Block and Tackle balance system to increase ease of operation and durability.
  • EZ-Tilt™ latches enable window to tilt for easier cleaning and accessibility
  • Finger lifts on both sash
  • Comes with 4 9/16″ standard jamb width. Other jamb widths are available upon request.
  • Paintable*
  • Carries a Light Commercial Rating (134 mph)
  • AAMA Certified and NFRC Rated
  • Energy Star Certified

Stainable Interior Sash Option

Made to look and feel like real wood, the new ENVIROWOOD option provides homeowners with the elegant look of wood on the home’s interior while offering the no-rot durability of ENVIROGUARD cellular PVC on the exterior. Available on all ENVIROGUARD active double-hung window sizes and fixed window sizes, ENVIROWOOD has been tested and proven to absorb stain more consistently and evenly than wood, with a truer match to stain manufacturers’ color swatches.


Enviroguard should be painted with standard oil base or latex paint using industry standard painting techniques after cleaning.

Enviroguard product extrusions are cellular PVC, a vinyl-based composite. As such, they may be subject to thermal expansion and contraction at direct temperatures above 145 F degrees. Extreme dark colors may accelerate this situation, as dark colors tend to absorb a greater amount of solar heat, which can cause cellular PVC to expand and contract excessively and warping/distortion can occur. Distortion of frame and sash components, paint adhesion loss, blistering and peeling could also result. Painting Enviroguard products a dark color (any color that falls within the L value of 56 to 0) can generate high localized temperatures in the product.

WARNING: Painting any Enviroguard cellular PVC product with a paint color darker than L value of 56 (where black = 0 and white = 100 will forfeit the product warranty. If, despite the above warning, you should choose to paint Enviroguard products a dark color (as defined above), a paint specifically designed for these applications MUST be used. Whichever paint manufacturer is chosen must be contacted to verify the paint’s reflective properties and suitability with regard to painting cellular PVC. Maintenance Free Window Company is not liable for paint used on our cellular PVC components or the result of its use.

Available Styles

  • Double Hung
  • Horizontal Slider

  • Casement
  • Fixed (Picture)

  • Awning
  • Bay / Bow

  • Patio Door
  • Swing Door