Open Up Your Kitchen Space with A Garden Window

//Open Up Your Kitchen Space with A Garden Window

Garden windows are a great way to add beauty, lots of natural light and space to your home. Garden windows, sometimes called greenhouse windows, extend from your home and have an interior shelf perfect for plants and herbs. Because of their design, they act like a mini greenhouse so you can grow herbs for cooking all year long. These windows are extremely beautiful additions to any kitchen, especially over the sink, as they add extra storage space. They add beauty, extra sunshine, personality and are energy efficient.

A popular choice with many Atlanta homeowners, garden windows instantly add beauty to your home. They are made from glass panes at several different angles to form a box-like shape, which allows light to enter from more points into your home, which will make a home much more beautiful and personable. Another benefit is that these beautiful windows are energy efficient. They trap the warmth from the sunshine, making them very beneficial during the cold winter months helping you keep your energy bills under control.

Replacing the windows in your home with new, energy efficient windows is a great way to make a smart investment in your home. New windows can increase your home’s value and decrease your energy bills. Maintenance Free Window Company has beautiful, Energy Star approved windows that are designed for the Atlanta climate. Custom made in the US, we can install your windows for a perfect fit, in any opening in your home. Contact Maintenance Free Window Company today for more information or to schedule your free, in home estimate.