High Quality Products, Expert Installation, & Fair and Honest Pricing

//High Quality Products, Expert Installation, & Fair and Honest Pricing

There are so many good, energy efficient choices of windows out there. One I really love is the popular, bay window. This is such a smart and gorgeous window. One of the most obvious benefits is it’s appearance. A bay window is composed of three windows, with the two side windows placed at angle of 30 or 45 degrees so the window projects outward. As a result of its design, it presents a decorative look both inside and outside your home. The side windows form 45-degree angles and are usually large enough to house a window seat or plant shelf, so it can provide even more character to a room than a traditional picture window.

Another great feature of a bay window is that it allows in light from multiple angles and typically provides more light to a room than a standard picture window. Because of the increased light, the room receives additional radiant heat as well. As a result, it requires less heat to warm the room so you can use less energy and reduce your heating bills. Also, the aesthetics of this type of window often appeals to potential buyers. As a result, adding one to your home can actually increase its resale value.

Here at Maintenance Free Window Company, we are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry and will only put our name on the highest quality products while offering extremely fair and honest pricing. Our windows are ALL durable, beautiful and won’t peel, chip or warp. Our professional installers will leave your home looking great and help you save energy dollars. We handcraft each and every unit from start to finish, from your exact dimensions using your specific configurations. This guarantees an airtight seal and that means you save energy.

Join thousands of satisfied homeowners across the Atlanta and North Georgia areas that have discovered the exceptional value and beauty of maintenance free windows and doors. Extremely high quality products, expert installation, and fair and honest pricing. That’s the Maintenance Free Window Company difference.